A Poem to share

Here is a poem I wrote that I would like to share…please feel free to leave any thoughts/comments….don’t be shy

A Walk with You

That day I felt it

For the first time I felt it

Wasn’t sure before, but that day made it clear

 It was cold, everyone could see your breath

And the way you looked at me

With such a stare in your eye, I’ll never forget

 We walked, felt like hours

Snow started to fall, as we came to a still at the corner

You bowed so graciously to me

 My body stiffened

You wrapped your arms around me and kissed my cheek

Before I tried to move, you were down at my knees

 You told me not to say anything

And your speech began

The words you spoke were so pure

 I was…well nothing could describe me

With a honest look into my eyes

You knew what I was going to say


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